The Shop: Pet Portraits

Each pet portrait is $65.00 (including shipping) and painted on a ceramic tile of artist's choice.

Gallery of Pet Portraits


Milkbone (2021). 

Milkbone, our beloved English springer spaniel, passed in August 2022. This pet portrait, created from thousands of tiny dots, is our way of remembering all the love and joy he brought to our lives. He is painted on a 6 inch by 6 inch ceramic tile.

Acrylic on ceramic tile.


Grace (2021). 

Grace was a commission for a client in Florida. She is painted in beautiful shades of browns and blacks that truly bring her charm to life.

Acrylic on ceramic tile.


Munchy (2022). 

While known for painting portraits of dogs, cats are just as important. This portrait of Munchy, who passed a few years ago, is painted on a red-colored tile to bring out her lovely shades of gray. She is gone but will never be forgotten!

Acrylic on ceramic tile.


Wylie  (2021). 

Wylie is one of the most active and fun-loving dogs on the planet. Enjoying both football and long-walks, he brings his companion countless hours of love and joy. He was a rescue that now resides in Georgia with his mama.

Acrylic on ceramic tile.